Ready to Go

Getting my gear ready, and food (!) for checkpoints

Getting ready for the big day (and night) tomorrow!

It was 10 years ago I first ran the West Highland Way. I told myself that main thing is to finish. However my competitive spirit (mostly against myself) planned to do it in 28 hours. Then and in subsequent races I have never achieved this. The nearest was a tantalising 28 hrs 2 mins and 58 secs. This time I am going for a more modest sub 30 hour time. Any better is a bonus and if things go awry I still have 35 hours to complete. Main thing is to endure and enjoy as much as possible. Below are estimated times at checkpoints. This race does not have GPS tracking so the only people who will have an idea where I am will be the organisers and Elisabeth when she either meets or gets messages from me. It will be a big effort for her as well. Weather looks favourable, warmer than it’s been lately. My previous post gives some more details of this iconic route if you have not read. It is demanding for all involved. If you pray remember the volunteer organisers, supporters and competitors.

Checkpoints, starting 1100 from Fort William on Sat 29th May

There is a travel restriction for people living in Glasgow but a permitted reason to travel is charitable service (fund-raising). I am running in aid of Starfish Asia and a big thank you to those who have already donated, very encouraging. Aim is to fund scholarships for matriculated students (over 16) of poor Christian families in Pakistan. If you would like to donate my fundraising page is open here till end of June (2021).

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    We will pray for you. My simple advice: never give 100% of you effort/power. Always stay with 90-95% of the possible race power. Take care of your breathing. In the end, if you have power left and things are looking good, then you can finish by 100%. Looking forward to hearing from you. And enjoy especially the downhill sections. Have a special prayer slogan, that you can always use. For example: Lord give grace for the next steps… Amen. Greetings to You and Elisabeth Werner

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